Winterstar: One Year After – 07

3 Nightal

The countersign is MINATORY. Seas largely calm, Port Nyanzaru within sight. Mark is safely secured and isolated, overall demeanor overly cautious but no cause to direct any true suspicion.

Earlier conjectures have been confirmed and more. Mark continues to claim to possess only modest arcane power with inconsistent control, to the point of additionally claiming to try to abstain from using it altogether. I believe this claim is not poor self-knowledge but rather a deliberate fabrication, to make herself appear less threatening.

We have undertaken to set up scenarios designed to test the mark’s true capabilities, disguised as accidents, emergencies, and ambushes from opposing factions. As expected, the mark’s command of reflexive shielding magic was excellent. I admit my previous doubts about her ability to nullify aggressive magic, but as usual, your guess was correct on that score.

A much more surprising observation arose by pure chance: the mark demonstrates the ability to disappear and reappear in a different location some moments later. She has been observed passing through walls, locked doors, and even magical wards in this way.

But most troubling of all, when confronted about this ability, not only the mark deny it, the agent sent for the confrontation returned in full agreement that nothing of the sort had happened. The agent behaved as if under the effects of mind-touching magic, yet we observed no spellwork whatsoever in their short interaction.

L clearly possesses powers far beyond what she claims, is comfortable enough with her power that it has become reflex, and is capable of wielding it with deliberate precision. The additional discovery of two heretofore unknown and highly abusable powers leads me to conclude that she cannot be permitted to

Father: The countersign is BANEFUL.

I trust you have an explanation for this enclosed missive, and for the circumstances that have led to me being the only person alive on this ship.

Vitality: 1 ◦ Quickness: 4 ◦ Fortitude: 3 ◦ Hope: 11

Auspicious Days: 11 ◦ Inauspicious Days: 7

Winterstar: One Year After is the epistolary epilogue of Lilissen Winterstar, written with Her Odyssey. Updates every Sunday.

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