Winterstar: One Year After – 02

21 Uktar

Aazon Talieri:

Respectful greetings from myself and my master Theridon Tornsail, on behalf of the entire Tornsail Trading and Expeditionary Company! It was a pleasure to meet you this past summer in Baldur’s Gate, and I hope your return journey was more pleasant and less eventful than your thrilling tales of your difficult voyage there.

Enclosed please find your invoice and the paper goods portion of your order; the bulkier items will be arriving via the cargo ship Spirit of the Sea. I’m certain we needn’t tell you to take especial care when unloading item #3, as I understand the rainy season is currently at its height there. Also, I regret that we cannot supply you with item #14 in your requested list, as this particular formulation of wax is widely known to be proprietary to Trade Prince Jessamine and used to seal her sanctions. As such, we have taken the liberty of refunding that item and destroying the original order slip. Our discretion is, of course, at your service and your master’s.

As for #17, the local news: Waterdeep has been abuzz for days over the grisly death of Tennora Hedare, a minor noble here. I hadn’t heard of her at all, but naturally after the spectacular way she went out, all sorts of fantastical rumors are spreading – that she was a member of the Harpers, that she was an agent of one of the Masked Lords, or even that she was a Masked Lord herself! After the capture and disgrace of those conspirators a few months ago, everyone here now jumps to the conclusion that every mysterious death must be part of some larger plot to uncover or kill the Masked Lords of Waterdeep. But I think it makes no sense – if anyone were targeting the Masked Lords, why now rather than simply waiting until next Shieldmeet?

Thank you for your continued patronage! Please convey our compliments and best wishes to Trade Prince Jobal.

Respectfully yours,

Meri Tornsail
Second Bookkeeper
Warehousing and Shipping (Waterdeep Branch)
Tornsail Trading and Expeditionary Company

Vitality: 1 ◦ Quickness: 3 ◦ Fortitude: 2

Auspicious Days: 4 ◦ Inauspicious Days: 2

Winterstar: One Year After is the epistolary epilogue of Lilissen Winterstar, written with Her Odyssey. Updates every Sunday.

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