Hello again.

Thank you for stopping by my website. It’s been a long time coming – and I’m relieved that I finally have a place to serve as a hub for all my public-facing TTRPG work that won’t disappear if or when Twitter goes down.

This blog won’t be a newsfeed; if you’re looking for a reliable source of regular updates, my mailing list is a better bet for that. Instead I plan to use this space more as a collection: a place to house the articles about roleplay theory that I’ve been meaning to write, recaps and reviews of various indie SRDs, and the occasional technical guide. This will also be the home of Winterstar: One Year Later, an epistolary epilogue exploring what Lilissen Winterstar of Twice Bitten does after she leaves Barovia. The first installment debuts Sunday, February 19.

Finally, I must extend my deepest thanks to Matthew of AbyssalBrews, who patiently guided me through setting up the website and helped troubleshoot more than one Mysteriously Intractable Tech Problem, and to Stephen (LordPaido), who helped set up my mailing list and served as an outside tester to confirm everything was working properly on multiple systems. I’m so grateful for their friendship and support.

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